Various character work I did for games and internal projects

Sweetie : Terres des Hommes

After a year of silence and hardworking I can finally announce that I was part of the crew who was responsible for creating Sweetie. The virtual girl who helps Terres Des Hommes to track down few hundred of pedofiles
some info from the website :

Sweetie is a completely virtual girl, driven in realtime by an operator, that can go into public chat rooms and interact with predators of Webcam Child Sex Tourism.
In two months we caught in the act and identified 1,000 predators from 71 countries.
Governments were urged to act after the world witnessed us handing over our short movie (, research findings, and the 1,000 names to Interpol.
The credits of the 3D aspect:
Modelling/Shading: Mao Lin Liao
Animation/Body Rig: Michiel van Iperen
Mocap Tracking/Face Rig/Webcam emulation software: Jasper Brekelmans
Actress Body/Face/Stem: Klavertje Patijn
Production & Motion capture facilities: Motek Entertainment - Jolande Junte
Facial mocap hardware/software: Dynamixyz
Commissioned work : Samurai Armor
Modelled and shade using one image in the middle below. Zbrush,Maya & Arnold  was used.
Alex - Portrait of a Young Woman
Doing a realistic female portrait is always something that is on the top of my to-do list. Here is a WIP of the portrait converted into BW using Lightroom. Modeled & Textured in Zbrush , Hairs are fibremeshes converted into guide curves for Maya nHair . Rendering was done in Arnold. Which is really fast even working with hi polygon meshes. Since I have no plans for animation I didn't use displacement and Arnold render it fast and efficient.
AOV Breakdown of Alex
Personal project
Dragon Concept for Koning van Katoren
Maxime Verhagen 
I was ask by Greenpeace to model Maxime Verhagen (Dutch Vice-Prime Minister) 
to his likeness for an short animation film. My attempt to create a digital human.
Peach fuzz hair details

ISA Jammer
Sony Killzone 3 Character : Magazine cover
Stylized Game Characters :SCEE  Killzone 3
Helghast  Testfacility pigs
IOS games Character

Cartoon , Stylized  for mobile platforms

Old man
Inhouse project
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