Old Personal work exploring scifi settings and urban environments. Mental Ray and Maya

Postcode loterij X-mas 2015 campaigne 
The Purple Surface Project is an innovative cross media game based on the adventures of an international expedition team in their search for the legend of the Yeti. With Internet and mobile phone (mobile internet) this cross media project is a Massive Multiplayer Online Game and is based on a series of 50 thrilling 10 minutes films. The project is about exploring the innovative mix between film and gaming with the challenge to be the first to find The Yeti! Below the poster I render for this project.
Jungle Fire
Experiment with maya PFX to make the folliage and trees . Maya Fur was used for the moss and lichen set in a postapocalyptic environment.

Turbine Lab
Underground setting for a scifi project
Inspired by photo's about the The Yugoslav Wars. CG smoke and debri.
Legends of the Underground
Steve Martiniere create this stunning concept of Anarchite City for LOTU. I made the 3D version for 
 Celestial Garden

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