Billy - Portrait of a Young Woman Part II
I realize that it's been 5 years since I posted anything new here. Seeing all those beautiful artwork is really intimidating. 
So I spend a month to work on a successor of my "Alex- Portrait of a Young Woman" from 2013. 
My goal again is not to achieve the most realistic portrait but more study the aesthetic of the female face. 
The final artwork will be printed on 8K again for future art exhibitions. 
Everything was sculpted in Zbrush the face was subdiv 7 x and total of 44 million polygon. I didn't go to HD. Since there was enough detail already. Texturing was handpainted and no photo was used. 
I didn't bother to convert everything to displacement maps since the final version will be a still only. 
Rendered in Maya using Arnold 5 latest Standard Surface Shader.
More WIP on this link:
I hope you like it.
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