IMG Worlds of Adventure - The Magic Ticket TVC
My Hulk was featured in this collaboration between Fido,Ndigitec,Juice & Cartoon Network 
A very fun and challenging TVC project I am so proud to be part to the creative team lead by  Julien Vanhoenacker with an amazing team from all over the world. When one film combines Marvel's heroes, Cartoon Network's characters, dinosaurs and some zombies to top it off, you know you're in for a ride ! 
Thanks to the exceptional producing skills of Daniel Sheridan from Ndigitec. Shot and edited in Dubai, CGI from Dubai, Sweden and Poland, cartoon animation from UK, grading from Thailand.
More about this compaign here :

Client: IMG Worlds of Adventure :
Agency/Production: Ndigitec Premedia :
Ex. producer: Nathan Ornick
Creative director: Rob Marinissen
Director: Julien Vanhoenacker
Prod. producer: Daniel Sheridan
Prod. manager: Kristina Kleymenova
Assist. director: Zeus Merhi
DOP: Mik Allen
Editor: Pablo Gonzales Plant
Music: Paul Shapera
Grading: Smoke & Mirrors Bangkok
Post. supervisor: Eyad Arabi
CGI: Ndigitec / Juice / Fido / Cartoon Network
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