In 2013 I created a portrait called: Alex portrait of a young woman. It is without a doubt the most viral image I've ever created. Based on that success I realized it might be interesting to create a series of photorealistic portraits.
Now 5 years later I can finally announce that my dream has come true and I've been given the opportunity to show my work to a larger audience as part of the Haarlem's Cultuurnacht 2018.

The exhibition will be called "Perfect Imperfections" it is the first part of a series of portraits where I'm exploring the boundaries of realism and beauty by creating women of different races and ages. These females are on first sight beautiful and perfect looking, but if you look closer they are far from perfect.

During this night I will demonstrate some of my techniques and show a behind-the-scenes video.


Get your ticket below:

Haarlemse Cultuurnacht €15,00

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